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Risk Management Consulting

Accidents pose a significant threat to the long-term health of an organization. They mean lost time, damaged property, diversion of resources and possible legal and medical expenses. They are also avoidable. Tribal First’s risk control consulting practice is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to stopping costly accidents before they occur. Our staff has expertise across a breadth of disciplines, including risk management, safety, fire prevention, engineering, industrial, and others. Most importantly, they understand the unique risks facing tribal nations and how to mitigate them. Our extensive services and resources will help you create a safer work environment and reduce risk-related expenses. Risk control services include:

• Workers’ compensation mitigation
• Fleet safety analysis
• General liability
• Regulatory compliance
• Program development
• Ergonomics
• Industrial hygiene
• Training services
• Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) reduction solutions

- Unlimited access via phone and email with prompt response
- Monthly risk alerts and information on regulatory compliance and safety practices
- Access to targeted industry experts, educational resources, and web-based training