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Claims // About iVos

Our claims system, a browser-based version of Ventiv (iVOS), is a cutting-edge tool that provides real time, up-to-the-minute loss information and claims data. iVOS empowers you to analyze each individual claim, while accessing your entire claims history 24-hours-a-day.
The system is completely paperless, providing single-touch access to all claims information via the internet. This includes all claims examiner investigation notes, payment and reserve information, and any correspondence sent or received.

The Reporter function within iVOS produces thousands of standard and manuscript reports, including OSHA forms and reports, a variety of loss control reports to identify frequency and severity trends, as well as financial data to help analyze the strength of the program. Each of these reports can be grouped and sorted to produce customized data that meets the specific needs of your organization, including applying and sorting by your specific location code structure or organizational hierarchy.