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Coverage // Cyber Liability

Cyber risk strikes tribal nations just as it strikes any organization: swiftly and with great cost. However, in the event of a data breach or technology-related incident, your organization has highly specialized needs that only a tribal expert can address. Tribal First has responded with the only cyber liability program built specifically for Indian Country. We understand the unique exposures of your organization and, with our comprehensive knowledge of tribal law, can deliver a solution that shields you from cyber risk.

Third-party liability coverage:

  • The litigation following a data breach or technology-related incident can be devastating. Tribal First will safeguard your organization in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Personal injury, privacy, and security (including violation of privacy law or regulation)
  • Intellectual property
  • Error or omission in content or hosted web content created, maintained, or disseminated by your organization
  • Internet or technology network activities
  • Act, error, or omission in technology services

First-party and business administration coverage:

  • Breach response expenses
  • Content restoration expenses
  • Cyber extortion expenses
  • Fines from government bodies
  • Business interruption from a security event

Third-party technology services coverage:

  • Consult, design, develop, manufacture, sell, and program systems for others, including networks, hardware, software as a service, cloud computing, web services, wireless applications, electronic, and digital devices/components.
  • Manage, operate, administer, and host technology cloud computing, systems, or computing facilities for others; Install, service, and support systems for others.
  • Activities performed on your organization’s website.