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About Tribal First

Tribal First, a specialized program of Alliant Underwriting Solutions, has focused exclusively on meeting the insurance and risk management needs of tribal governments and enterprises since 1993. Today, we are the largest provider of insurance solutions to Native America and a leader in the specialty areas of tribal business enterprises, including gaming, alternative energy, construction, and housing authorities. In addition to its longstanding presence in the United States, Tribal First provides a best-in-class insurance and consulting solutions to Canada’s First Nations via its Tribal Canada platform. Tribal First also offers a full range of employee benefits solutions through Tribal Care, a robust suite of services and solutions that includes health administration, pharmacy, medical stop-loss, wellness, and PRC administration.

Tribal First’s mission is twofold: to help you preserve your heritage and to protect your future. By focusing exclusively on serving Native America, we have a deep understanding of the many diverse cultures employed by tribally owned and operated organizations and will structure insurance programs tailored to safeguard both your operations and your employees. Tribal nations are embarking on a new era of success and sophistication. Tribal First is here to make sure you are well protected on the journey.