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Coverage // Environmental Liability

Tribal First designed EarthFirst to address the various pollution liability protection needs of tribal nations. EarthFirst insures the tribe against a broad profile of environmental risks and responds to obligations for clean-up, bodily injury, and property damage (including all related defense expenses) in the event of an incident.

As the first site pollution liability insurance product designed specifically for tribal nations, EarthFirst offers the following benefits:

  • Industry leading low minimum premiums
  • Broad coverage profile
  • Tribal-specific coverage enhancements and grants that recognize the sovereignty of tribal governments as well as the mandate to create and enact regulations to protect tribal lands

EarthFirst offers extensive coverage for the following exposures:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Landfills/recycling centers
  • Historical concerns, including past use of property (when site assessments are available)
  • Minerals mining
  • Redevelopment of formerly used sites
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Lead-based paint/asbestos
  • Casino and hotel properties
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Dry cleaning
  • Storage tanks
  • Construction/development
  • Non-owned disposal site locations
  • Utilities
  • Retail gas stations
  • Indoor air quality
  • Spills or leaks from the storage and handling of material containers such as drums, totes, or bags

Quotes can be obtained from a Statement of Values. Please talk to your Tribal First representative to start the process.