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Coverage // Self-Insurance

Tribal nations have employed self-insurance for property and casualty exposures since the 1970s. Self-insurance supports the creation of Tribal Tort Ordinances to define areas of responsibility, allows for appropriate use of the Federal Tort Claims Act, and substantiates tribal sovereignty in civil matters.

Although this method of insurance has long been a staple for tribal nations, self-funding has always carried inherent risks. Fortunately, new methods of alternative risk transfer now allow for full financial protection for the tribe, eliminating all risk to the employer. Tribal First will navigate this promising new self-insurance landscape on your behalf and design a custom solution with the following core benefits:

  • Improved breadth of coverage encompassing all of the risks modern tribal 
    nations face
  • Significantly lower insurance premiums
  • Independence from pricing cycles
  • Tribal control over claims administration and support for a Tribal Court System