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Tribal First understands that addressing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of each individual is an essential component of Native American culture. We developed TribalCare as a premier solution for tribes seeking a partner with expertise and experience in developing a long-term healthcare model that addresses todays immediate needs and prepares for tomorrows challenges.

Our suite of services is offered in support of and in collaboration with a tribal partners leadership team and health benefits broker, respectively. These services include, but are not limited to, plan design, plan administration, claims administration, clinical care management, and proprietary stop loss. TribalCare integrates a tribes health plan with its 638 authorities and, when applicable, coordinates accessing resources with Indian Health Service (IHS).

As directed by tribal leadership, the TribalCare solution supports a tribe in optimizing its PRC program authorities toward the purchase and delivery of comprehensive healthcare services for both the tribal employee and tribal member.

Developed in partnership with recognized tribal experts and organizations with long-standing tribal traditions and relations, TribalCare offers cost-effective products and services that improve the lives of Native Americans while significantly reducing healthcare costs through the following core services: