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As tribal nations continue to expand their operations, Tribal First has developed a best-in-class construction program to meet their insurance needs along the way. Our focus is on delivering comprehensive solutions that deliver a positive impact on the bottom line through innovative thinking, strong carrier relationships, and leading-edge technologies. Tribal First will partner with you throughout all phases of the construction process and shield you from risk.

Tribally Controlled Insurance Program (TCIP)
Tribal First’s Tribally Controlled Insurance Program (TCIP) is our tribal solution to the commercial market’s Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP). Our TCIP offers all of the benefits of an OCIP, customized for tribal nations. Key benefits include:

  • Leveraging our strength in the marketplace to deliver the broadest coverage 
  • An administrative program managed and operated entirely by our team so 
    you can focus on the delivery of a successful project
  • A risk control program with expert-level oversight that significantly reduces 
    on-the-job injuries
  • A claims program that reduces cost and facilitates the fast and efficient 
    resolution of claims
  • A customized program, designed specifically to address the risks that are unique to your project